ICA Annual Meeting and Þorrablót dates

The Annual Meeting of the Icelandic Communities Association will be held Saturday, January 15th, at 10 AM in the Mountain Community Center. Election of Board Members will be held. We will be making plans for the Þorrablót, which is scheduled for March 12th, 2022. Our ticket numbers will be reduced compared to previous years, so don’t procrastinate!

2021 Deuce of August Celebration Update

The Icelandic Communities Association held our regular monthly meeting on Saturday, May 8th, with 13 members at the Mountain Community Center and 5 additional members joining via Zoom. It was great to be able to gather together in person once again!

We had a very productive meeting and we are pleased to report that, at this time, we are planning to stage all of our events that we have been typically scheduling prior to the appearance of the pandemic.

That includes the Saturday Parade, the kids pedal pull, the Heritage Program, the Saturday night Street Dance (featuring the Front Fenders!), and the Sunday North Dakota State Tractor and Pickup Pull. You can keep up with further announcements and updated information on this page or on our Facebook page at August the Deuce.

The ICA would like to remind everyone to please be aware that Borg Home is currently allowing no visitors except immediate family members by appointment only as recommended by the CDC.  If you plan to attend our Celebration, please be aware of visitor restrictions that may be in place at that time.

2021 will mark our 122nd Annual Celebration and we are the longest running ethnic festival in the State of North Dakota as confirmed by the North Dakota Department of Tourism.

Mark your calendars now for July 30th to August 1st and come celebrate with us at The Deuce! It’s Legendary!

Þorrablót Auction information

Here is the link to view and to register to bid for the Þorrablót online auction items: 


Please share this link with your family and friends and on social media.  Bidding is now open and closes this Saturday, February 27th at 11 AM. 

“Bid extension” is on which means that if two or more bidders are actively bidding at closing time, the bidding goes on in 3 minute increments until further bidding stops and the bid winner prevails. 

Please remember that profits from the Þorrablót are used to support our Heritage Sites Grants projects in the local area and to support youth participating in the Snorri Program. Over the past several years, the Icelandic Communities Association has donated $27,500 from profits from the Þorrablót and from the Icelandic National League Convention held in North Dakota.  We are incredibly proud to have provided this support and very grateful for the support we have received from so many people, both at the Þorrablót and at our annual Deuce of August Icelandic Celebration. Your support enables us to give back to our Icelandic communities and important historical preservation projects. 

Our sincere thanks to Dennis Biliske and Resource Auction for his extensive help in putting together this online auction! Thanks also to all of the people who are too numerous to mention who donated items and/or put in a lot of time and effort to make this event happen. Good luck with your bidding and we look forward to seeing you at The Deuce later this year and in person at the 2022 Þorrablót!

Porrablót Auction Information

To register to bid and view the auction items please follow this link:

Annual Þorrablót  Auction—with a different style…

Every year an extremely important part of the ICA February Þorrablót has been the LIVE and SILENT AUCTIONS.  While we have a lot of fun and create a lot of laughter during the live auction, our goal is to raise funds to support not only the ICA, but also many of the outside projects it funds such as the Snorri Program Grant and Heritage Site Grants.  To date, $11,500 has been raised by the ICA at Þorrablót events as well as $16,000 raised at the ICA sponsored 2017 INLNA convention to assist these and other fine endeavors within our communities.

 As you know, due to COVID 19 concerns and regulations, the 2021 Þorrablót will not take place, but our auction will go forward using an online bidding platform with help from our annual live auction auctioneer, Dennis Biliske of Resource Auction. 

You’ll find many of your favorite traditional Icelandic items  and delicacies such as Pinot Noir wine from Bjornson Winery,  rúllupylsa, hangikjöt, and maybe some kleinur.  A beautiful handmade quilt in the Aurora pattern by Guðrun Erla has already been received for the auction and we hope there will be many other fine donations similar to those usually found on the silent auction. 

 Bids will open February 21 and close February 27, 2021.   Further details- including a link to the online bidding site,  how to bid and where to donate items will be posted in various ICA mediums and local newspapers.  Options for paying for and picking up your purchases will be included on your online invoice.


If you have items that you wish to donate for the auction, drop them off at the Mountain Chalet any day of the week before 1 pm or you can call Dori Heck at 701-382-9399 or e-mail her at dorikatelmt@hotmail.com to arrange a different delivery time or if you have questions.  If you live outside of the area, but would like to donate an item, contact Dori and she will help work out the details

Rúllupylsa and Hángikjöt will be on the auction! Yummy!
A beautiful handmade quilt in the Aurora pattern by Guðrun Erla will be on the auction!

2021 Heritage Site Grants Winners

The Icelandic Communities Association (ICA) gave $2000 in Heritage Sites Grants to four organizations that are involved with the restoration, upkeep, and renovation for modern use of area Icelandic cultural sites. The $500 grants, are given to help with the maintenance of these historical sites so they will tell the story of the early Icelandic immigrants to future generations. The grants are made possible through the support of the auctions held at the ICA sponsored annual Thorrablot. Because of the cancellation of the Thorrablot on account of the COVID crisis, the auction will be held online and will be open for bids the last week in February.  Details will be available later. 

Receiving the grants are the Svold Community Hall Association for the completion of the restroom addition to the Svold Hall; Gardar Lutheran Ladies Aid for the renovation of the Gardar town church basement; Fjalla Cemetery Association for replacement of storm damaged trees surrounding the cemetery; Vidalin Cemetery Association to level and support sinking foot stones in the cemetery and replace or refurbish the double doors leading to the narthex.  

Receiving the check for the various Icelandic organizations are Kristine Koehmstedt (Fjalla), Kathy Thorlakson (Vidalin) Judy Geir (Gardar town church), Curtis Olafson, President of the ICA and presenter of checks, Chris Thompson (Svold), Carol Beard (Vidalin), Connie Trenbeath (Vidalin).

Links to online Events for The Deuce this weekend!

Genealogy Center 1 to 4 PM CDT on Friday
11AM to Noon on Saturday

The Journey West: Sails, Rails, Rivers, and Trails
Cathy Josephson presentation online  https://vimeo.com/442165132
4 PM on Friday

Introduction to the Icelandic National League of the United States
1 PM on Saturday


Heritage Program Online Webinar 2 PM Saturday CDT

As the Celebration weekend begins, we would like to remind everyone that Borg Home is under strict quarantine.  If you will be in Mountain for any of the events related to this significantly modified and abbreviated Celebration, or for any other reason, please be aware that you should not, under any circumstances, visit Borg Home.  The Saturday parade will follow its normal route, traveling east on the north side of Borg and back west on the south side of Borg for the enjoyment of the residents from a distance.  The parade will be broadcast live on KXPO AM 1340.  If you have any questions, please call Icelandic Communities Association President Curtis Olafson @ 701-265-2356.  Thank you for your cooperation!