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  1. Mark Kirk


    How much does it cost to get into the tractor pull. The last time I came it was 15 dollars per person kids 12 and under free is it the same.

  2. Stephanie Coleman


    Hi – I signed up for the $10.00 membership and received the Order #418 thanking me for my order. I elected to send in a check payment but it does not say where to send the check to on the order. It just says store name, store address, store city, etc. Can you please let me know where I can send my payment to. Thank you in advance. Stephanie

    • Sunna


      Hi Stephanie and thanks so much. Did you find the address?

      PO Box 60
      Mountain, ND

  3. Stephanie


    I went ahead and did the PayPal and sent smite about the previous invoice. I received notice I’m all set up. Thanks for the follow up. Have a wonderful time in Iceland.

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