2021 Heritage Site Grants Winners

The Icelandic Communities Association (ICA) gave $2000 in Heritage Sites Grants to four organizations that are involved with the restoration, upkeep, and renovation for modern use of area Icelandic cultural sites. The $500 grants, are given to help with the maintenance of these historical sites so they will tell the story of the early Icelandic immigrants to future generations. The grants are made possible through the support of the auctions held at the ICA sponsored annual Thorrablot. Because of the cancellation of the Thorrablot on account of the COVID crisis, the auction will be held online and will be open for bids the last week in February.  Details will be available later. 

Receiving the grants are the Svold Community Hall Association for the completion of the restroom addition to the Svold Hall; Gardar Lutheran Ladies Aid for the renovation of the Gardar town church basement; Fjalla Cemetery Association for replacement of storm damaged trees surrounding the cemetery; Vidalin Cemetery Association to level and support sinking foot stones in the cemetery and replace or refurbish the double doors leading to the narthex.  

Receiving the check for the various Icelandic organizations are Kristine Koehmstedt (Fjalla), Kathy Thorlakson (Vidalin) Judy Geir (Gardar town church), Curtis Olafson, President of the ICA and presenter of checks, Chris Thompson (Svold), Carol Beard (Vidalin), Connie Trenbeath (Vidalin).