A Visit to Our Neighbor

Being apart of the Scandinavian countries, Iceland has many wonderful neighbors and just how we like to preserve our Icelandic heritage, there are several other clubs and communities of Scandinavian decent that like to do so as well.  Watertown Sons of Norway, in Watertown, SD, is a club that is very proud of their Norwegian heritage and recently they have been wanting to learn more about their neighbor countries.  Last Thursday,  September 21, Linda Frey, (filling in for the INLNA president Sunna Furstenau), shared information about her home country, Iceland.  Linda enjoyed elaborating about the beauty of Iceland, the customs and culture of the people, and stories of her own.  Linda was proud to share how our Northeastern Icelandic community holds firmly on to those Icelandic roots, preserve the history of the beloved Icelandic settlers and instill the ways of an Icelander around the community.  She was welcomed by many wonderful Norwegians, their great stories and treated with refreshments in good company after the presentation.  Linda says Takk fyrir mig or like our neighbors say, Tusen takk for meg!

If you would like to know more about our neighbor club, Sons of Norway visit https://www.sofn.com/about_us/   

Congratulations Are In Order!

Congratulations are in order for Sunna Pam Furstenau as the president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, presented her with the The Order of the Falcon.  The Icelandic community is very proud of Sunna for receiving this prestigious award. To find out more about the ceremony and The order of the Falcon, check out the post on the Icelandic Roots webpage link, written by Doug Hanson. https://www.icelandicroots.com/single-post/2017/09/18/The-Icelandic-Order-of-the-Falcon

Photo Credit: Kent Lárus Björnsson