Links to online Events for The Deuce this weekend!

Genealogy Center 1 to 4 PM CDT on Friday
11AM to Noon on Saturday

The Journey West: Sails, Rails, Rivers, and Trails
Cathy Josephson presentation online
4 PM on Friday

Introduction to the Icelandic National League of the United States
1 PM on Saturday

Heritage Program Online Webinar 2 PM Saturday CDT

As the Celebration weekend begins, we would like to remind everyone that Borg Home is under strict quarantine.  If you will be in Mountain for any of the events related to this significantly modified and abbreviated Celebration, or for any other reason, please be aware that you should not, under any circumstances, visit Borg Home.  The Saturday parade will follow its normal route, traveling east on the north side of Borg and back west on the south side of Borg for the enjoyment of the residents from a distance.  The parade will be broadcast live on KXPO AM 1340.  If you have any questions, please call Icelandic Communities Association President Curtis Olafson @ 701-265-2356.  Thank you for your cooperation!