Plans for 2020 Deuce Celebration

The Icelandic Communities Association Board of Directors has prepared the following statement in an effort to keep our very dedicated supporters informed on what we are planning at the current time for the 2020 Celebration in response to the corona virus pandemic:

At the May 9th regular monthly meeting of the ICA, the following actions were taken. A motion was introduced to continue plans at this time to stage the parade for the 2020 Celebration. The motion passed unanimously. Another motion was introduced to cancel the Tractor Pull for 2020. The subsequent discussion centered on the fact that this event would not only involve great difficulty in providing social distancing, but also would involve the greatest financial risk for our Association. Many people expressed the concern that attendance would likely be diminished significantly and our Association would incur a major negative financial impact. That motion also passed unanimously. Another motion was introduced to cancel the Kid’s Pedal Tractor Pull for 2020. That motion also passed unanimously.

The attendees also discussed and agreed that it would be very likely that most, if not all, of the other traditional events would be canceled for 2020. We will reassess the status of all other events at the June 13th monthly meeting and make final decisions on those events at that time. Please check back after our June 13th meeting for an update. Thank you for your continued support!